Leaving school

Since it’s one minute past twelve now, I get summer break today! Woo!
Watching how I met your mother now and will be going to bed very soon! Tweet and blog tomorrow, I think :)



I’m seriously thinking about buying a Macbook Pro 13 inch, but I don’t have the money atm, so I have to wait until I’ve gotten the money from my summer job…
Oh well… Right now I’m watching HIMYM on my disgusting and¬†horrible computer and waiting for Philly – Chicago at 2 am tonight. Woo.
Well, idk if I’m watching it, but I think I am.
And I have to work out tomorrow… Blah.

McFlu is back

Yes, that”s supposed to be McFlu, because my McFly-fever is back!
I watched the concert in Lisbon via livestream earlier and I spazzed so much.
I can understand Gio now, he seems adorable as well, and his workouts have definitely worked out for him. Omggg.
Okay, enough spazzing about it…
Germany won the ESC – Eurovision Song Contest. Congratulations?
Oh, and I think the UK came dead last. LOL.
I’m leaving now, my throat is sore from singing and it’s 2.30 am. Bai

The Heartbreak Kid

Hai guiz.
I’ve been pretty bored today, school was over at 11 am so I went home and I’m still sitting here in bed with my computer.
I’ve been wondering for a while when I can talk to Dami again, and I hope that’ll be tonight or tomorrow, because I miss her like hell…
Anywhooo, watching the Hearbreak Kid now and hopefully, Dami will be home before 1 am :)


Lovely weather here in Sollefteå, Sweden. Rain and a gray sky.
I don’t mind though, because… well, it actually is quite lovely. lol
Um… I don’t think I’m going to talk about any major things in London, we rode the London Eye and went to the London Dungeons.
The latter was pretty funny, because there were two guys, 18-20 years old, and one of them couldn’t stop giggling, and then when the actor (the whole thing has actors) was like “What’s so funny?” he pointed at me and said “She laughed first!”
Haha, I never got to know their names, but they let me go first through the doors because they were scared, hahah.
Oh well, gotta go now, eating lunch with mum and then back to school.


I’m going to London tomorrowww :D
But right now I’m on my way to Sundsvall to stay with my grandma or the night.
Oh! The Swedish semifinal is at 2 tomorrow! :D
Can’t watch the whole thing though… Stupid plane…
Oh well, I’m getting kinda dizzy here so I’ll take a nap and listen to some music!


We beat Denmark earlier with 4-2, so next on the schedule is Czech Republic on Saturday.
Unfortunately, I can’t watch it because I’m going to London, but…. I’ll try my best to keep myself updated.
In five minutes, Russia – Canada begins!
Gonna watch the first period, finish packing and then watch the rest of it.
I might try to squeeze in some history and science as well…
Ooh, the Swedish commentary are there talking!
See yaaa